Custom Kids Alphabet T-Shirts
Considering the last craft I attempted ended squarely in the trash can, it’s pretty clear that you don’t need to be crafty to write for Cool Mom Picks. But, it just so happens that one of our esteemed writers has an eye for design that she translates into super cute baby and toddler t-shirts, and we’re more than happy to pimp her out.

Thus is the case with our new contributor and Etsian, Carrie Damen, and her adorable custom alphabet tees. When she’s not chasing after her two kids and waxing poetic for us, Carrie and her friend Sara Williams create these dot matrix type t-shirts by hot pressing vinyl onto cotton shirts. These shirts for babies and kids look and feel fantastic, plus they’re durable even after lots of washes.

Are we a little biased? Maybe. But hey, you think she’d be here if she didn’t have spectacular taste? -Kristen

You’ll find custom alphabet shirts, as well as other cute baby onesies and t-shirts at Bright Shop.

Congratulations to Stephanie G, lucky winner of a custom alphabet t-shirt from Bright Shop!

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