cuffmodern leather cuffs
When you think leather cuffs, I hope you don’t still have that bad 80’s stud thing in your head. Because then you wouldn’t get  chance to click over and discover the incredible leather cuffs from ColinFrancis design (soon to be CuffModern). And love them. And buy many of them.

These vegetable-tanned leather bracelets are digitally cut into amazing geometric patterns like squared shown here, or even more feminine flowers. Then the cuffs are finished with one of six colors of your choice, and sized to order. I love the idea of pairing them with a flowy summery dress, just to give it a little more edge.

Also? If your kid drops it, it won’t break. Is there a maximum on the number I can order? –Liz

Find handmade leather cuffs and chokers from the ColinFrancis etsy shop and soon,

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