toddler dressing herself
I’ll confess that I don’t really have the time or the patience for most community bulletin boards and the drama that sometimes seems to come with them. But the concept has always appealed to me — a quick way to pose a question to the masses and get feedback.

If only there was a way to take that model and streamline it.  Ah, wait! There is! Meet Mamapedia. The site not only allows you to ask your question and gather responses from other moms, it allows users to rate answers as useful or not — ostensibly to get rid of the spam and the rare wacko lurking on site. Plus there’s a live feed updating search topics on the main page, so you know what other moms are checking out.

 Post a question on anything from OB care to scrapbooking to toddlers who dress themselves — badly — or just browse existing topics, contribute to discussions, and breathe easy. Whatever your issue, chances are other moms have been through it too. -Mir

Check out Mamapedia for answers to your parenting questions.

[photo by heather katsoulis for mamapedia]

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