laurel denise pendant
I tend to prefer big honking statement jewelry – huge pendants, chunky bangles, cocktail rings that make it impossible to shake hands. But there’s something indescribably lovely about teeny and subtle when it’s dancing at your tanned collarbone.

That’s how I’d describe the teeny pendants from Laurel Denise Design‘s simply stated collection. Small (like, 3/8″ small) handmade circular glass pendants take inspiration from poetry and philosophy with simple script inscriptions like love and be. And because of the small size, a message that normally might be a little heavy-handed or pedestrian is actually cool. Plus each one dangles from a teeny little silver ball chain and the proportions are just perfect.

love pendant
There’s also a nice custom jewelry option so that artist Laurel Smith can hand-letter a name, birth date or favorite (short) quote on your piece. At most in the $60-70 range, it’s a fantastic new mom gift. Especially if that new mom happens to be you. –Liz

[thanks jennifer!]

Find handmade glass necklaces (and beautiful stationery too)  at Laurel Denise Design.

Congratulations to Melissa M, lucky winner of the love pendant from Laurel Denise Design!


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