handmade wooden sailboat
In honor of our country’s birthday we figure we’d give us all a gift by skipping the flag motif, and instead highlighting just a few of the beautiful red, white and blue items made by American crafters and artisans.

The wooden sailboat at Craftsbury Kids is handmade out of pine and natural finishes.
It would get plenty of use from my kids this summer on lakes and ponds
and the kiddie pool in Grandma’s backyard. Come fall, I bet it would be
just as fun in the bathtub.

How can you not love this handmade scotty crib mobile?
Designed by the very talented Laurie Miles of Old School Acres just for The Baby Gardner, it’s a
perfect shower gift for the mom who doesn’t know if she’s having a boy
or girl, and is not all that into yellow.

cross-stitch drink coasters
I think this cross-stitch letterpress coaster
from 12Fifteen is just the prettiest thing. Normally my tastes swing
more modern but the cross-stitch makes me want to invite friends over
for mint juleps in the backyard of my expansive summer estate. Or at
least stick one under my sigOth’s beer can to keep the rings off the
coffee table.

handmade poppy clutch
Hello little handmade floral clutch
of exceeding beauty. This one is made in Texas and is just the right
inexpensive pick-me-up that you can tote out on your next date night.
If the sitter cancels? Roll with it. There seems to be room for a
diaper or two in there.

soft giraffe rattles
This soft polkadot giraffe rattle
with nice tag details comes in any number of colors but the navy and
white looks awfully chic. Made by a Florida mom of twin four year olds,
I’m not sure how she has the time to create such cuteness. Plus her
prices are fantastic – rattles are just $10. America! What a country!


[h/t to poppytalk, inhabitots]

*Use code COOLMOM for 10% off your order at Craftsbury Kids

Happy fourth of july, cool moms!


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