Waxing Poetic La Decisione Pendant
Among the 4,781 (and counting) things they never tell you about parenting, I have to say one of the most annoying would be the number of questions you are asked over the course of a day – most of which I respond to with a resounding “no.” Cue the most pathetic chorus of whining this side of the Mississippi.

So I had to laugh when I saw Waxing Poetic’s La Decisione pendant, because on some days, I admit that I’d love to be able to flip a coin, or in this case, spin the arrow on the sterling silver charm and have someone else be responsible for such life changing decisions like whether they can have chocolate for breakfast or if they can pleeeeeease watch another show.

Will it save your sanity? Probably not. Will it be an attention-getting piece that will give you or your lucky giftee a hearty chuckle? I don’t even need to spin to give you the answer to that one. -Kristen

Visit Waxing Poetic for more of their unique sterling silver and gold plated jewelry.

Congratulations to Renee P, lucky winner of a La Decisione pendant and chain!

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