We may not speak proper pirate but that doesn’t stop us from trying on Talk Like a Pirate Day. (Yes, that’s an actual thing. Swear.) So we’ve got a round up of some of our favorite pirate booty from past months.

Pirate Children's Shoes

The kids’ pirate shoes from Sweet Shoes are listed under “boys” but we beg to differ.

Pirate skivvies kids' underwear

Pirates old enough to swab their own decks (so to speak) may get a kick out of Small Threads’ Pirate Skivvies which we just discovered last week at Magpie Lovely.

Pirate Pacifier Clip

Selecta’s pirate-themed pacifier clip at Kangarooboo just makes us smile.

Pirate Supply Kit for kids

Miss Natalie’s Pirate Supply Kit
has everything your little buccaneer will need to transform into a true
pirate, including the friendly parrot to perch on their shoulder. (At Fawn
& Forest)

"Eat Yar Peas" pirate baby onesie from Red Prairie Press

Too young to venture out on the high seas? No problem. Check out the adorable “eat yar peas and carrots” onesies from Red Prairie Press.

Balthazar and the Flying Pirates children's book

pirate doesn’t like to hear an old tale from the high seas? Regale them
with the story of Captain Redlocks, the pirate heroine of Baltazar and the Flying Pirates or what’s super cool, is putting your own child’s name and face in the story with the personalized Here There Be Pirates book.

Skull barrettes

Not all pirates are “he’s” so we couldn’t forget the sweet-tough plaid skull barrettes from Natty Bratty.
Emphatical Piratical kids' music CD - with PIRATES

If your pirates want a soundtrack for their adventures,  Captain Bogg & Salty’s Emphatical Piratical CD is real pirate treasure any day of the year.

Find more cool pirate items for kids in our archives when you search for skull or pirate…or arrgh

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