Vintage Plaid Purse
We described the hot plaid trend in our back to school shopping guide this year, but it wouldn’t be entirely fair if kids got all the coolness now, would it? So when I saw this handmade vintage plaid purse at Beehive Coop online, I went oooooh.

As it turns out, the handbag was actually a wool skirt in a past life. (Go, upcycling!) And I love that designer Karen Meyers softens the lumberjack heritage with a dupionni rose accent at the handle. If the bag is sold out, check out the Karen Meyers etsy shop for other bits of loveliness like the white rose handle purse with a dressy shantung handle.

These are the kind of bags that just make me want to skip down the street. Skipping, by grown women, is much underrated. -Liz

Find the cool upcycled Karen Meyers handbags at Beehive Coop or at the Karen Meyers etsy shop.

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