makeup bags from Aster + Sage
Are you already putting together holiday gift lists? Or is that just me because I’m so busy working on our annual Holiday Gift Guide that I’ve got presents on the brain? In any case, I’ve just added the great looking eco-friendly makeup bags from Aster + Sage under the category of  “Get a bunch of these for holiday gifts because I know I’ll forget someone” so I figure I’d let you all know about them too.

Like all of her great handbags, RISD pedigreed artist Linda Yesline handcrafts the makeup bags from fabrics made from recycled fabrics and soda bottles. The geometric designs are fabulous, and at just $22 the price is right. For a girlfriend you really love, pop one of your favorite lip glosses or hand creams inside and hook her up. –Liz

Find recycled fabric makeup bags and more at Aster + Sage and get free shipping on all orders with code CMPfreeship

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