plan toys green dollhouseMy daughter is three and is interested in a doll house for Christmas. I would love to accommodate, but I am looking for something that is sturdy and made of environmentally safe products. Any suggestions? -Dee

We’re doll house freaks around these parts, Dee. Heck, my son even
loves playing with them. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of awesome
dollhouses out there that fit your eco-friendly specs — although the
workmanship and processes mean these environmentally responsible dollhouses are going to ring in much higher
than your average mass produced plastic version.

We’re huge fans of Plan Toys, who are known for their natural woods and
safe paints and finishes. They make a couple of great dollhouses which you can find at Oompa Toys –
including their ultra-modern Contemporary Dollhouse and the larger — and pricier — Green Dollhouse (shown here from Kangarooboo), which is constructed not just to be eco-conscious, but actually help kids learn about eco-conscious living. It comes with a doll-sized wind turbine, solar panels, and even recycling bins for around the house.

natural design dollhouseThe lovely Seri’s dollhouse
found at Quiet Hours Toys is a bit more traditional and is constructed
in Maine from birch and white pine and finished with natural, non-toxic
linseed oil. It’s also quite substantial, at more than 2-feet tall and nearly 3-feet across. 

And if the sky’s the limit when it comes to your budget, check out the exclusive design dollhouse (shown, right) from Canadian Natural Pod which is designed by a local architect, and made by hand without a single screw or spot of glue. In a word – gorgeous!  –Kristen

If you’re still stumped, flip through last year’s Safer Toy Guide. You’ll find a slew of eco-friendly boutiques who might just have what you’re looking for.

Find eco-friendly dollhouses from Oompa Toys, Quiet Hour Toys, Natural Pod, and from our partner Kangarooboo where you get 5% off your purchase with discount code CMP.