Figs and Ginger bird necklace
When my son handed me a gorgeous handmade bird necklace for my 29th birthday this year (heh), I had no idea what cool people were behind it. But now that I’ve gotten to know more about Asheville’s Elijah and Rhonda Wyman of Figs & Ginger, I can’t shut up about this nature-loving company.

It makes my little green heart happy to know that their jewelry is made from at least 50% recycled or reclaimed silver or gold, since even lame jewelry deserves a chance to come back as something great. Elijah and Rhonda minimize their footprint by using recycled paper and soy inks in their packaging and printed materials, and have also switched to safer biodegradable chemicals for their jewelry finishing process.

The Nestling Necklace (pictured) and Fawn Family Necklace are lovely pieces of understated mother’s jewelry with a blackened patina, for those of us who like keepsake jewelry but do not want to wear our kids’ names around our neck. And check out their new Family Necklaces for those who want to include dad — or two moms, if that is how your flock flies. –Christina

You’ll find necklaces, rings and earrings online at Figs & Ginger and at many cool local boutiques across the U.S.


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