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When it comes to finding childcare, I’m one of the lucky ones with built-in babysitters (as in, my parents) living a few blocks away. There’s a downside or two to having my parents around the corner, trust me, but when it comes to finding someone to watch my kids I’ve got it pretty good. 

But what if my parents are traveling (as they’ve had the nerve to do a lot lately)? Or busy? Or just not in the mood to hang out with their grandchildren the moment I want them to? 
That’s when I’d be turning to a service like, which just so happens to be opening up their entire site for a free weekend of access from November 6-8 all in honor of National Family Caregivers Month. We’re talking the full benefits of a premium membership starting today. This awesome (and actually kind of fun) website will hook a mama up with profiles of local babysitters, nannies, tutors and more, including references and contact information.

So I’m going to try on my highest heels and shortest dress. Because I think I’m going out this weekend. Without feeling like I owe anything to my mother. –Stephanie

Visit this weekend and take advantage of the free database of caregivers and babysitters
. Also, enter the Care Hero contest on Facebook and win your amazing caregiver a $500 night on the town sans kids.

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