Cloth grocery bag
I was feeling pretty good about my switch over to cloth grocery bags, until I kept leaving them at home. Well, leave it to Knock Knock to make light of this exact situation on their hilarious “Forget This Bag” reusable shopping bag.

These large, sturdy grocery bags made from recycled plastic water bottles highlight the universal realities of going green: You know, you buy the bag with the best intentions, you pat yourself on the back for being so awesome, and then you proceed to forget the bag at home or in your car when you go shopping.

(Or if you do remember them, you end up stuffing them full of plastic water bottles and popping them into the trunk of your SUV?)

No one said going green was simple, but thanks to these bags, at least we can try to do it with a sense of humor. And a little less guilt. -Kristen

Check out the hilarious gifts and accessories including this reusable shopping bag at Knock Knock.

Congratulations to Jeaninne L., lucky winner of the reusable bag from Knock Knock!


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