personalized life-squared necklace from Julian & Co
There’s a good reason our readers are tremendous fans of the keepsake jewelry from Julian & Co, and that’s because you are all smart. And have good taste. And like things that make you cry. (Seriously, her pieces will make you cry. Especially those little baby footprint charms.)

Designer Tania Condon has just come out with what I think is one of her coolest pieces yet; the Life-Squared Wax Seal necklace which is an actual ye olde time-y wax seal fob. It even comes with a set of correspondence cards and sealing wax – so cool.

I just adore the chunky, boxy solid sterling cube which is more my style than a lot of the graceful, swoopy mom necklaces out there. And it’s great for moms with big families or a lot to say with their jewelry. You can personalize 5 of the six sides, then add an initial to the last one.

Also a very smart gift for a doting grandma with up to five grandbabies, in lieu of a charm necklace with a lot of discs. This way she can hold those children all close to her heart without them rattling around all day. Sort of like you’d hope for in real life. –Liz

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Congratulations to Jackie R., lucky winner of the Life-Squared Wax Seal necklace from Julian & Co.!


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