Momma's Jewels sterling teething bracelet
I still fondly remember Momma’s Jewels as the first teething jewelry I had seen that didn’t look like teething jewelry. My feeling has always been that if you’re going to wear jewelry, wear jewelry that looks fabulous to everyone around you. Not just those who want to stick it in their mouths.

I’m happy to see that owner Stacy Rosenthal has expanded her line since then, and now offers some bangles that are just as sophisticated, safe, and drool-ready. The hand-soldered, single ring sterling teething bracelet looks solid, but in fact has a lovely little rattle inside. Just slide it off your wrist and let your baby go to town. Or for double your pleasure, check out the double bracelet which provides priceless photo ops in which your baby looks like she’s doing one of those magician ring tricks. (Seriously, little-known benefit.)

This is not inexpensive jewelry. Know why? It’s actual jewelry. Not plastic teething toys that someone sticks a chain through, then tells you you could tooootally wear it to a cocktail party. As if we’d fall for it. –Liz

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Congratulations to C. Worrall, lucky winner of the double bracelet from Momma’s Jewels!


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