Artemis Plant Colored Pencils
I still remember being about seven and getting my first set of “serious colored pencils” from my mom. I recall the pride of knowing I’d outgrown the kid stuff, and that I had been deemed worthy enough to own art supplies that came in a fancy tin with French words on it. So I was flooded with great memories when I saw the Artemis Plant Colored Pencils at the Wooden Wagon.

These German-made pencils come in a lovely wooden box, and derive their soft color palette from plants like buckthorn, indigo and madder root. It’s not a toddler gift for sure – more like a very special, thoughtful item you pair with a professional sketchpad to honor a budding talent. Who, by the way, just may remember it for life. –Liz

Find the Artemis Plant Colored Pencils and other natural toys and crafts at The Wooden Wagon where readers can save 10% off you next purchase through 11/30 with code CMP1109 at checkout.

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