Wellie style kids' boots from Vincent
I can’t even believe it’s time to start thinking about snow boots but yep, it is. Vincent Shoes has always impressed me with their children’s boots in particular, which have nice European styling at decent prices. Plus they always have amazing sales — great for the type B moms like me who never remember to get my kids boots until halfway into the season.

The Jarl winter boots (above) have that Wellie thing going that’s so hot for kids now, only with a little woolen flap of fabric that folds down over the top of the boot to keep the wind and frozen rain out a little better. For a slightly more fashion-forward version, check out the Hanna boots (right), with a faux fur “collar” and brown or black leather uppers. There are unfortunately only a few sizes left though; I guess I’m not the only one who finds them cute.

Winter boots from Vincent Shoes
Or for a more serious, sporty snow boot look at the Valdemar, which I keep thinking should be subtitled “the snow boot who shall not be named.” The outside is waterproof nylon, and the inside is lined up the whazoo. Snowman-building, here we come. –Liz

Yay for our always awesome partner Vincent Shoes who’s offering our readers 35% off all regular priced children’s shoes and boots in the shop through Monday 11/30! Use code THANK-CMP-9

This excludes the closeout cubby which already has shoes on sale up to 75% off.

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