WYSH tee
My daughter spent the better part of her second summer in a Che Guevara onesie that bore the tagline: I don’t know who this is. The thing about those hipster tees, though is that they’re generally not, you know, heartwarming and inspirational. Which is not necessarily something that you want every day but come on, aren’t there times when you look at your child and you sort of wish that the words I am so freaking adorable that I make the world glow with my incandescent light were emblazoned all over them?

It’s not just me. The lovely Lu Hanessian, the mom behind Wear Your Spirit for Humanity, or WYSH, developed a line of clothing that features uplifting messages for parents (and aunts and uncles and grandparents and just caring humans everywhere) who sometimes like to look at a tee-shirt and feel clever and inspired. Think slogans like Love doesn’t spoil and Pardon my exuberance and (my favorite) This two shall pass – they make you and your little one look good and feel good.

WYSH supports the philosophy of wearing it forward in more concrete ways, too: They donate a share of their profits to organizations that support children and families. So you get to feel good, squared. Plus that baby-tee keepsake quilt that you’re going to make with all those clever shirts someday? Will still be totally cool. –Catherine

You can purchase tees for babies and kids through WYSH website.

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