Blue Q paper or plastic shopper tote
If one of your resolutions is to get a little greener this year, it’s a good time to find the reusable shopping bags that work for you. Nubius Organics has pretty much every cool brand out there, from the very pretty totes from Green to Grow which are perfect for Farmer’s Market shopping, to affordable nylon staples from Envirosax and structured shopper totes from Blue Q (shown)- all at nice sale prices right now.

If you happen to like the campy thing, be sure to check out the new retro-chic Pepsi Envirosax designs, which are actually made from recycled Pepsi bottles and are smack out of the era when we threw our bottles right in the garbage can. Imagine such things now.  -Liz

Find a great selection of reusable shopping bags on sale at Nubius Organics, plus get free shipping on a purchase of $30 or more with code FS30 at checkout

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