Amy Tavern Little Babies Necklace in sterling silver
I have to admit that I’m the last person to ever purchase baby jewelry. But there’s something lovely about giving a little girl a keepsake piece that she might actually wear later on, especially seeing as my five year-old refuses to leave the house without a necklace on these days.

Well, the lovely little babies necklace from Amy Tavern definitely fits the bill. The simple sterling silver chain and adorable circular silver charm from her popular Egg and Bean collection are dainty enough for a child, but also pretty sophisticated. And at $20, you can start her out right – with a great taste in jewelry from an actual artist that doesn’t break the budget. -Kristen

Everything is currently 25% off at Amy Tavern through January 31, so snatch up a piece from her gorgeous jewelry collections before they’re retired for good and she moves onto a new collection.


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