Maya Brenner State Necklace
Whenever someone picks on Rhode Island for its size or large percentage of muscle cars, I feel a little defensive about the state in which I was born, matriculated and met some of my favorite people (like CMP’s Liz!). I suspect most people have one state that tugs at their heartstrings too, which is why I think Maya Brenner’s delicate state necklaces make such a uniquely awesome gift.

It’s so unexpected that unless you pick Texas, Florida or California, expect to have loads of people ask you what exactly is dangling from your neck–I think Rhode Island looks a bit like a drag queen platform heel. Each state comes in either 14K gold or sterling silver on a 16″ chain which means it rests nicely on your collarbone.

Those of you who know the LAX-JFK redeye all too well may opt for the adorable bicoastal necklace instead of picking just one state. Or if you want to go extra fancy, get a diamond chip added anywhere on the “coast.”  But be specific about where you want that diamond so that no one mistakes your shout-out to Monterey for Venice Beach. -Christina

You’ll find Maya Brenner’s State Necklaces in gold or silver at Nik’s Naks. Order by February 1st for Valentine’s Day delivery and receive 10% off with code ILOVEYOU at check out.

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