Emily Elizabeth Jewelry
Even after ten years of marriage, I still get a rush when I see a little square box in front of me on Valentine’s Day—just as long as what’s inside doesn’t put us into debt. 

New York’s Emily Elizabeth Kolins started making her own jewelry for people like me–and probably a lot of you–who love jewelry but can’t afford to have a bunch of zeroes tacked onto the price tag. Emily Elizabeth Jewelry (which has nothing to do with a big red dog, thank goodness) is filled with pretty, modern, mostly goldplate brass jewelry which is so reasonably priced, you won’t feel compelled to save it for date night.

It’s a little bit costumey as you’d might expect from goldplate, but if you dig around you can find some fun pieces. Especially for Valentine’s Day, I would love to wear a handful of things from the Love Shop collection, like the jangly Hearts on Your Wrist Charm Bracelet (shown) or the Rainbow Brite Lariat Necklace with a dangling heart, now half off.

If hearts aren’t your thing, check out The Colin Necklace which donates 30% of its proceeds to Partners in Health for Haiti Relief. It’s a nice way to share the love with others who really need it right now. -Christina

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