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I may not have an ounce of Chinese in my heritage, but I still love baby gifts that reflects the Chinese zodiac. With the Chinese New Year starting The Year of the Tiger today, I’ve put together some of my favorite tiger-themed baby gifts. And a fun giveaway too!

Tigers on clothing abound, but I prefer them to be more cartoon-cute than Ed-Hardy wild, which is why I have a soft spot for Colette Kids’ Organic Cotton onesie. It’s also available as a tee-shirt for bigger kids.

The Year of the Tiger
We at CMP have long been fans of Oliver Chin’s Chinese New Year-themed books, having featured his Year of the Ox and Year of the Rat tales the past two years. The latest in the series, The Year of the Tiger: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac
tells the story of a friendship between man and beast—well, actually,
a little girl named Su and Teddy the baby tiger. The story is sweet (although a little advanced for younger kids) and
the illustrations vibrant, making this is a great keepsake for babies
born in this upcoming year to enjoy as they get older.
Best of Chums Tee Shirt

The Chinese-style watercolor print on The Best of Chums’ Year of the Tiger Cotton Tee comes ready-to-gift in an adorable “tee bag.” (at Itty Bitty Ladybug, 12-month only)
Keri Lee keepsake box

Tree by Kerri Lee always has delicious little Chinese Astrology keepsakes, and we love the lovely Baby Keepsake Box . It features
a baby tiger illustration on top, and also lets you know that those
born in the year of the Tiger are playful, adventurous and courageous.
In other words: get those baby gates up now.

Chinese Zodiac card
Finally, I love the harmless little “who me?” cub on the Year of the Tiger card at
China Sprout. It helpfully includes information about a baby born under
this zodiac sign so you don’t have to make stuff up. Grab a bunch and use it for every little tiger born in 2010.  -Christina

Congratulations to Yvonne W, lucky winner of a copy of The Year of the Tiger!

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