Boon Grass Bottle Drying RackI must confess that there have been a few times over the last five years as a mother that I have reluctantly resigned myself to a really ugly product because its function was just that important to my daily sanity. But thank goodness we rarely have to do that anymore.

The latest product makeover is the bottle dryer, now done magnificently by Boon. Their brand new grass bottle drying rack, which looks amazingly like wheat grass, works quite well at drying bottles and other small baby accessories that either get lost in the regular drain board, or worse, get displayed on some cheap-looking turquoise thing you bought because it was the only one they carried at the big store where you did your shower registry.

Simply pop your clean baby bottles on the “grass,” and let the water drain through to the bottom part, which you can easily dump into the sink. A little zen, a lot of style, and let’s face it, the closest my kitchen will ever get to having wheat grass in it. -Kristen

Check out the grass bottle drying rack and more Boon products at CMP fave Kangarooboo.