When my kids were babies, it was a big deal for me to wear a necklace, or even a pair of earrings. It was like being dressed up just to add that one piece to my mom uniform, and feel more like an adult and less like a walking Kleenex.

Stubborn Works has exactly the right accessories for cool moms, even moms who are still in the walking Kleenex phase. Stubborn’s jewelry line is crafted of reclaimed industrial metals and resins, which already makes them cool. Designer Melissa Stiles is an architect by training, and her jewelery has
a clean, minimal aesthetic; these are pieces you can wear every day, even with (clean) yoga pants if you insist. The colors are amazing, and the pieces are both substantial and surprisingly lightweight.

Stiles is also a mom, and her pieces are designed to withstand the daily grind of kids. The necklaces come with magnetic clasps that resist even the most tenacious baby hands, and the earrings have generous hooks that won’t tumble out of your ears while you’re bending and fetching. Or letting someone wipe his nose on your sleeve. -Susan

Congratulations to Kate L, lucky winner of the selection of Stubborn Jewelry!

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