Monogrammed Easter BunnyWith Easter less than two weeks away, the bunnies are multiplying in every drugstore, supermarket and department store I
visit. But, I don’t want to settle for some run-of-the-mill Easter
basket bunny, so I’ve been on the lookout for something really special.

Here are some of the fabulous options I found.

The hand embroidered, monogrammed Eva Vorsmann Bunny (shown above) from Germany is more keepsake than teething toy, but I doubt you’ll be able to keep little hands from snuggling him just the same. Just wipe all the chocolate off them first. (shown above, $43 at Craftsbury Kids, allow 7-10 business days)

Zutano bunny

Zutano’s Hip Hoppy Rabbit comes decked out in clothing made from the same soft cotton Cozie fabric used in their clothing line. I love that my son can have a rabbit to fit his playful personality, but there are options also perfect for a little girl who isn’t so much into pink and sweet. ($19)

miYim stroller bunny

Easter babies may miss out on the jelly beans, although miYim’s Organic Crib or Stroller Bunny will give them something to play with while the other kids hunt for eggs. ($15 at our affiliate Amazon)

Miette bunny

Totally organic and totally cute, the wide eyed Stuffed Bunny by Petite Miette is big, cuddly, and would be adorable perched in front of the Easter basket. ($34 in two color combinations and natural)

Rachelod Rabbit

Rachel O’Donnell’s Handmade Rabbits come in a whole slew of different fabrics that range from urban cool to sweetly demure. From the pointy ears to the flip little scarf, they have a whole lot of personality even without button eyes or whiskers. If you have the skills, save some money and purchase the downloadable PDF pattern. (at Rachelod, rabbits are $36, pdf pattern is $8)

Vermont Rabbits

Sweet, simple and handmade in Vermont of organic cotton, the Bunny Foundlings make me go “awww” every time I see them. And, they’d be a great first bunny for a baby since the eyes are embroidered. Plus, they can be machine washed if they are over-loved. ($22-34 at Branch Home) -Christina