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The world of parents are divided into two kinds: Those who swear by child leashes and those who…well, don’t. Admittedly, I’m in the second camp (wayyyy in the second camp), but I do understand that everyone has their own circumstances and makes the decisions they think are best for their families. Even so, I do like the products out there that help us get a rein on our kids in the least leash-like way possible, which is why I think the new Mother Child Bag has got it going on.

These colorful modern totes have both a shoulder strap and shorter handles for you, plus the benefit of a second handle jutting off the side made just for kids to hang on to. So smart! It seems like a great way to keep kids tethered to you in the grocery store or walking through the park, while still giving them the “choice” to hold on.

There are four color combos, but I’d suggest any but the very light sand color. After all, you are encouraging your kids to touch it. –Liz

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Child Bag
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