Sterling Silver Tassel Necklace
Have you noticed that tassels have been popping up everywhere, lately? And I don’t mean on the pillows in your living room. Tassels are the look of the moment, it seems, and if you’ve got, well, five hundred dollars lying around, (or 2500 if you’re a fan of gold) have I got the tassel for you.

I’ve been ogling this lovely sterling silver tassel necklace from MRK Style ever since I first laid eyes on it. So simple and yet somehow so divine.

It seems perfect for everything, if you ask me: Day, night, middle of the night when you just want to wake up and stare at it for no good reason. And what a great piece for layering with, say, a pretty locket or another pendant.

Though I don’t see this pretty piece anywhere in my foreseeable future, I’m sure I’ll soon be browsing the home décor section of my local fabric store and attempting some kind of crude rayon copy to wear around the house and make myself feel better. You and I both know it won’t work. –Stephanie

Find this Mother’s Day gift-worthy sterling tassel necklace at MRK Style. And for more great Mother’s Day gift ideas (hint hint!) don’t miss our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

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