Planimal Series
My kids are pretty sensitive souls, but trying to explain to them the plight of the arctic fox is a little less real to them than the plight of the Massachusetts spider they are carefully rescuing from the bathtub. But now Plan Toys’ new Planimal Series of endangered animals will help bring home exactly which animals might not be around if people don’t give them a hand too.

Smartly grouped into four different playsets representing different parts of the world, the Planimals endangered animal toys are fashioned out of natural rubberwood. While lacking some of the details you’d find in molded plastic figurines, these animals have plenty of personality and mobility through flexible joints. Plus each set comes with a colorful backdrop that gives kids a snapshot of what the animals’ habitats look like.

The groupings make it possible for you to tell your kids about the endangered animals of Africa through play and not some wah wah wah lecture in front of a 2D picture. It’s so cool that they’ll come to see these creatures as part of their everyday play and maybe in time, they’ll be a little less willing to let them disappear forever. –Christina

All four sets of Planimal Series’ of Endangered Animals are available at Kangarooboo.

Congratulations to lucky Planimals winners Rilla C, Renee P, Melissa W, and Julie E!

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