Scooter BuddiesI’ve been a huge fan of the Kickboard USA scooters ever since I witnessed my then two-year-old take off down the driveway on his royal blue Mini Kickboard. Three years later, if there’s anything that could make his ride more fun, it would be tricking it out with a Scooter Buddy.

Think of it like a hood ornament for your scooter. Or those goofy things kids stick inside the holes of their Crocs. But the Buddy, which attaches right to a scooter’s t-bar, has way more monster attitude and style. I love that each of the six kid-designed critters inspired by North American Bear Co’s Make Your Own Monsters has its own story. Like Supper Hero: Not afraid to try anything new to eat, and always tries 8 bites. His cape is a napkin. Even monsters have manners.

A polite monster can hang around my kids and their scooter anytime. –Christina

Choose from six Scooter Buddies exclusively available at Kickboard USA.

Congratulations to lucky Scooter Buddy winners Berna P, Andrea S, Amy H, Trina C, and Kirsten T!