Noko Baby dresses

The kimono may have been around since the 8th century, but we are seeing its influence this season in everything from clothing to accessories to chocolate (hello!). The vibrant colors and gorgeous patterns are so fitting for these months following the drab of winter. 
Check out how some of our favorite shops and designers have taken their inspiration from kimonos, giving it a modern twist. -Christina

NoKo’s Japanese-inspired dresses (photo above) echo the kimono and obi sash with bright contrasting colors and traditional patterns on soft cotton. I love that the style is ready to play, while the look is dressy enough for fancier events.


Imooi Kimono Handbag
Imooi’s Kimono Handbag oozes urban sophistication, and we love its leatherette trim which mimics the kimono wrap. Also comes in black and pink-y red if you’re pining for some color.
Dean & Deluca  Kimono Chocolates
It will hurt a bit to chew up one of the beautiful Kimono-inspired creations from chocolatier Joan Coukos, but it will be soooo worth it. They’d make a great Mother’s Day gift (hint, hint) or lovely end-of-year treat for your child’s favorite teacher. [Sorry, currently unavailable.]
Sterling Silver Kimono Earrings by Polli
The stunning, intricately detailed Sterling Silver Kimono Earrings from Australia’s Polli almost make me wish I still had pierced ears. Thankfully, I can still wear the Sterling Silver Kimono Necklace which, like the earrings, features delicate Japanese designs.
kimono fabric clips
The plum blossom, or ume, may have already bloomed in Japan, but I love that it continues on this spring in Tomo and Edie’s barrettes, hair ties and bobby pins. Each ume is crafted from vintage Japanese silk kimono and is just the right size for a little head. [Sorry, currently unavailable.]
TamamiKoBag purse made of kimono fabric
Crafted of Japanese vintage girl’s silk kimono fabric, TamamiKoBag’s small Chubby Beans Purse is perfect for a warm spring lunch with the girls and some cocktails. Preferably the kind with a little umbrella in it.


Carrot Box kimono ring
With a little bit of kimono embedded into each acrylic ring, Carrot Box’s Kimono Rings make hands look springy even after a day of wiping allergy-noses and weeding the garden.
Lucky Wang Kimono Set
In Hanakotoba, the Japanese language of flowers, the dahlia means “good taste”, which makes  this Lucky Wang two-piece Kimono Set such a nice baby girl gift for new parents. For boys, the two piece kimono set is covered in dragons, which I think means “watch out for diaper changes.”

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