Bubble Bags
I’m not the flashiest dresser, but I love to wear accessories that have people asking Where did you get that? This spring, the objects of my obsession include Eco Party Mearry’s new bags at CMP fave Poketo! online.

Repurposed from Seoul nylon advertising banners that would normally spend the next gazillion years decomposing in a dump, their Recycled Street
Banner Bags
each one-of-a-kind, and are the perfect size for running errands or a day at the park. And if you like to pat yourself on the back, tell everyone how the bag is made by a non-profit from South Korea that specializes in turning unwanted things into cool, hand-crafted goods. Take that, expensive designer bags.
Street Banner Bags
I also adore the slouchy shape of Eco Party Mearry’s Bubble Bags which make even this suburban mama feel a bit hipper in her minivan. Sewn “inside out” so the backside of the street banner shows, they have a muted patina that goes with just about anything. 
As far as colors or images on each bag, I’ll repeat what I tell the kids: You get what you get, and you don’t get upset. In other words, no ordering “the blue one.” -Christina
Eco Party Mearry’s new Recycled Street Banner Bags and Bubble Bags are now at Poketo!

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