DIY high chair cover
Here are some things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too.

A smart DIY idea at Ohdeedoh: A laminated high chair cover that wipes clean and looks awesome. (shown)

The summer issue of Small Magazine is out! As always, it’s as free as it is fabulous.

Sarah Parsons of Inhabitat shares some favorite iphone apps to help you enjoy the outdoors this summer.

Incredibly smart ideas from the community at Parenthacks on keeping soapy water out of kids’ eyes during bathtime.

A bottle opener roundup on MightyHaus – sounds like a Father’s Day gift in the making!

This video of a toddler smoker (seriously) on Goodyblog has us completely at a loss. What do you make of it? Because…uh…

Edited to add: The Smart Mama just alerted us about a recall
of Shrek glasses from McDonald’s
which contain cadmium in the paint. Eek. If you’ve got one? Return it for a refund or toss it.

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