Stack of Birds reusable tote bag
I’m a self-confessed bag junkie so it’s no big surprise that I flipped when I saw the Stack of Birds tote from Spur Stor. It’s oversized enough to fit all my beach stuff and cute enough for me to use for every day stuff. And, of course it’s perfect for grocery shopping, because who doesn’t use reusable bags nowadays, right?

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The totes are only $24 and are printed in orange (my fave) and aqua on 100% natural cotton. And, I don’t know why, but the funky
retro bird design just makes me smile.

What? Me? Bag
addict? No, I can stop anytime…okay, maybe after I scoop up one of
these…in each color. -Betsy

Fly over to pick up your
oversized birdie tote
and note
too at Spur Stor.
Order before July 31st and get 20% off everything, just enter the
discount code: COOLMOMJULY.

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