The Fine Art of Family Fall pre-sale
Did you ever have a crush on that older, out-of-reach guy back when you were in high school? (And no, I’m not talking about Edward.) This dreamboat was way out of your league, but then you realized he had a younger brother in your grade who was maybe even cuter and much more accessible. Well, it’s possible to have that same exact experience with jewelry.

[see fantastic offer after the jump]

So you know we
the gorgeous jewelry from Monica Rich Kosann and The Fine
Art of Family
. But you also know we do more swooning than flaunting,
because most of us are too busy paying for preschool to indulge in gold jewelry with many zeros in the price. But now our dreamboat has arrived in the form of the new Fall
2010 Sterling Silver Collection

With prices starting at
$195 and UPS shipping absolutely free for the special preview pieces, it seems like the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself–or demand that
someone else spoil you. Whether you love the versatile sterling
Scroll Earrings shown above, the more intricate White Topaz Drops, or the
hunka-hunka-burning love Patterned Cuff Bracelet, you know you’re
getting high quality artisan jewelry at an outrageously reasonable

But you must act quickly– these pre-sale deals are only
available before August 15, when the full collection is unveiled. And
quantities are limited.

So, to keep going with the earlier metaphor, ask the
younger, hotter brother on a date now before… um… he gets more
expensive this fall? You know what I mean.~Delilah

the Fall
2010 Preview Sale
at The Fine Art of Family for special pre-sale
prices and free shipping before August 15.

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