When I think of the volunteers up to their knees in muck in the Gulf, washing oil off birds and dragging turtles to safety, my faith in humanity is renewed for the umpteenth time. But for many of us moms, globetrotting for good is a nearly impossible task. There is a way you can help, though, and it involves wearing really this really pretty necklace.

100% of the profits (yes, 100%) from the recycled sterling silver Save Our Shores Iconic Pelican Necklace by Real Jewels will go to Save Our Gulf, an initiative by Waterkeeper Alliance.

Waterkeepers are committed to defending every community’s right to clean
water, and they have been the first line of defense during the oil
spill. Donations to Save Our gulf help cover protective gear, clean-up
supplies, emergency office space, and food for disaster volunteers.

only will you be helping protect the Gulf, but you’ll also be spreading
awareness every time someone stops you to ask about your necklace–
which they will, because it’s pretty, and because it’s a pelican. And
pelicans are just cool. ~Delilah

Purchase the recycled silver Save our Shores Iconic Pelican Necklace at the Real Jewels website and smile knowing that you’re helping the Gulf.


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