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I always love reading through the Quit Your Day Job feature on Etsy’s Storque blog, which features all these wonderful artists and crafters who are making a real living off their passions. Most of them are so good, you can really see just why their artistry has caught on.

This week’s inspiration: Libby of Diament Designs.
This former MAC cosmetics employee turned entrepreneur has a great eye,
selling original and vintage baubles that remind me of so many flea market finds I spotted in Europe earlier this year. She’s clearly got heart for hearts, bows, and other delicate objects.

The gold bow necklace
(above) refashioned from a vintage charm is a super hot style. And I think that pieces like the limited
edition vintage shield necklace are so great — delicate but still bold.

Prices for Libby’s handmade pieces and vintage jewelry are fantastic with most items in the $30-$55 range. Plus, she’s
saving you time and gas money by hitting the good tag sales at 6 AM on Sunday
mornings for you. Thanks Libby; the busy moms of the world owe you one. –Liz

Find original and vintage jewelry online at Diament Designs

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