dan zanes
Family-friendly Grammy-nominated musician extraordinaire Dan Zanes apparently had a secret desire to be a disc jockey. Which is a coincidence, because I had a secret desire to hear awesome radio music that wasn’t pure dreck (mainstream kid music) or me fake-sneezing during naughty words (my music). So we both get our wish.

Rocketship Beach Radio with Dan Zanes will feature music from the
Sirius XM archives, as well as hits from Dan’s own collection and his
albums, including the recent 76 Trombones album based on a catalog of
Broadway favorites. Add in Dan’s spectacular storytelling and
lighthearted chatting, and you’ve got a mellow show for the whole family
that makes for a very G-rated House Party.

The show has already
launched on Sirius XM station Kids Place Live, channel 116, but it will
replay several times this fall, along with five more episodes. For
schedule information, check the Kids Place Live page. Then grab your boogie board and surf the XM waves with Dan the Man.~Delilah 

Rocketship Beach Radio with Dan Zanes will be splashing around this fall on Kids Place Live, channel 116 on Sirius XM Radio.

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