joie online magazine
Here’s some of the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. We hope you will too.

We’re loving Joie, the new, free online magazine from our friends at Indie Fixx. (shown) So much inspiration! So many pretty things!

A new blog about divorce from two of our favorite bloggers, Laid Off Dad and Ask Moxie –and a former couple themselves. It’s brave and brilliant. Check out When the Flames Go Up.

On Baby Center’s Momformation blog this week, we write about cool new retro-fabulous Band-Aids. Wound care just gets more appealing by the day.

We love the toys and textiles from Bholu and we love them even more, now that we know that they’re building schools for children in need around the world.

On wowowow, Financial expert, savvy mom, and Liz’s girl crush Jean Chatsky talks about The Motherhood Penalty, and how children affect career and vice versa.

Nadia at Child Mode describes how to get a good fit for kids’ footwear, and how the right shoes might actually diminish childhood obesity.

Last fall, editors Kristen and Liz were honored to be a part of the Expressing Motherhood show; and now the producers are looking for new submissions. To be a part of the 2011 show in Los Angeles (you don’t have to be from Los Angeles!), head to their website before September 15.

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