gem kitty custom earrings
Though my regular Starbucks order doesn’t come close to a Decaf double tall non-fat extra-dry cappuccino, I do have very specific tastes in everything from coffee to jewelry. So, I was thrilled to learn of a custom earrings website that lets you pick not only the style but the gemstones and metal, all without costing so much that I have to justify my purchase to death.

Portland’s GemKitty has new custom earrings for those of us who are particular about our jewels. The earrings come in five dangling styles which may not work for those days when you’re with a grabby toddler, but are great for work, or nights out without the kids.
Customizing is super easy: I was able to look at every gem in my favorite colors and see how each one would look in sterling silver or gold-filled earrings. While I played around with the different color combinations, examples scrolled along the screen to give me ideas and inspiration.

With almost every pair of earrings running under $60, it’s a pretty appealing prospect. The only bummer? I let my holes close years ago, so no earrings for me. At least GemKitty has cool custom necklaces too, so even us earringless chicks can make something special too. -Christina

You’ll find GemKitty’s new custom earrings on their website, along with their custom necklaces and limited edition jewerly designed by GemKitty Founder Arwa Jumkawala.


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