ralph lauren kids catalog storybook
Here are some things we’ve liked seeing around the web this week. We hope you will too.

We love what Ralph Lauren Kids is doing with their online catalog! (shown)  It’s the first shoppable children’s storybook, and Harry Connick Jr. narrates too.

This week on Babycenter’s Momformation, we tip readers off to the new Maclaren Yellow Submarine stroller. Is it the fab-est thing on four stroller wheels, or what?

An incredible story on Mom Trends: One of our favorite mom bloggers had a car seat for review that malfunctioned, leading to an entire halt in production. Yay for responsive (and responsible) manufacturers!

Interesting piece on Child Mode: The top 10 family-friendly getaways. Oddly, the Boise House of Barbed Wire and Broken Glass Shards did not make the list.

We like the Alpha Mom post on making the cutest lemonade stand. Hint: Yellow gingham.

You heard it here first over a year ago…and now it’s true. Polarn O. Pyret opens their first US store in Greenwich, CT. Lucky east coasters.

Coach creates the very cool Poppy Project design meme–bloggers, design fans and social media types will get a smile from it. [thanks, stephen!]

Daddy Types has an astute (as always) perspective on possible legislation to ban toys from kids’ fast food meals.

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