Jewish New Year Cards
Trust me when I tell you that finding cool High Holidays card is not easy. Which would explain why every year I receive duplicates, sometimes triplicates, of the same cards. I’m sure you fellow MOT’s know of which I speak.

Thank you, Hi There Press, for coming out with a collection of beautifully designed cards that I’d imagine will even make non-Jews wish they could send them.

rosh hashanah card
The Jewish New Year’s cards
range from classic to cute and trendy to traditional. The customization
process is super quick. Select your style, stick in a oh-so-fabulous
picture of your family, change the text and voila! Instant holiday
card that you can be proud to send.

Although Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner on September 8th, we’re lucky in that it’s perfectly
acceptable to send them out through Yom Kippur, on the
17th. Still, order them now to make sure you’ve got time to address all
those envelopes. Regrets are so 5770. -Betsy

Order your Jewish New Year’s Cards for Rosh Hashanah at Hi There Press. And to all those who celebrate–have a happy and a
healthy new year!

Holy cow: we just scored our readers a 40% discount code with code HI40W15H for a limited time. L’shana tova.

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