Emily Rosenfeld dove necklace
I have a definite affinity for owls, telling people that I wish to someday be old and wise. But there are times like today, or on days when my son is in his fifth time out, when the dove, the quintessential symbol of peace and love, seems more appropriate.

This sterling silver dove necklace by Massachusetts artist Emily Rosenfeld fits my sensibilities perfectly in its simple modern shape. Only an inch wide, I can wear it with anything, and I love that the charm is double sided so there is no “wrong side”

But mostly, I love making others think a little bit about the symbolism of the dove by wearing one around my neck. It’s also a lot easier, and more tasteful, than flashing the peace sign with my two fingers. –Christina

Emily Rosenfeld’s Dove Necklace is available at Sweetheart Gallery


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