Fortune Cookie Lariat
Our nanny is about to leave us to pursue full time pilates instruction. She’s been awesome and I’d like to get her something to commemorate her time with our toddler. Any thoughts?

Thanks much!

We’re sorry to hear your nanny is leaving and think it is wonderful you want to give her something special to remember her time with your family. Here are a few ideas we’ve put together that are a unique way for her to remember her time with all of you. –Christina

Custom Portrait
Little Pink House’s Custom Felt Portraits are amazing, and can turn a cute photo of your nanny and child together into a lovely keepsake portrait.
Wicked Stitches bag
If your toddler is a little artist, Wicked Stitches Work of Art Tote Bag will take a special piece of artwork from your child and put it on a useful canvas bag. We’re super impressed with their results!
Modernbird necklace
Consider a piece of jewelry that has sentimental value but doesn’t scream “nanny,” like Modernbird’s Two Birds Necklace, with room for a short customized note on the back. I also love the Fortune Cookie Lariat by Christina Kober (shown at top) which can be personalized with your own custom fortune or include one of the lovely sentiments she has stamped into the sterling silver fortune slip. 
Linen Acorn Necklace
For something totally different in jewerly, I love the Embroidered Acorn Pendant from September House which is delicately stitched in linen. It’s perfect for fall, and a sweet reminder for a nanny to remember the little one she tended to during your time together.

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