Washable resuable cloth toilet wipesOkay, I’m going to lay all my cards on the table here. When Liz asked me if I wanted to review Eco Potty Wipes from Cushytoosh, I thought she meant an environmentally friendly version of those mass-produced pop-up flushable wipes for toddlers. [Ed note: So did I! -Liz]

But then I realized that we were talking about cloth wipes. For women. And I did a double take.

So, I’m really into clean, healthy, eco and all that jive. And I love cloth anything. But wiping? For adults? Um… didn’t really sound like my cup of tea. But, eager beaver (pun too good to resist) that I am, I agreed to test them out. 

And, wouldn’t you know it? I’ve actually gotten into them. And my daughter? She absolutely loves them.

These eco potty wipes, made by hand in Wisconsin from 100% cotton, are
soft and absorbent and come neatly packed in a mesh laundry bag. This
bag makes everything really simple. Just sit the wipes somewhere in your
bathroom –let’s say near the toilet would be easiest– and hook the empty
bag close by.

Use the wipes for pee only –I know you won’t ignore me on this
point– and throw the entire bag into the wash when you’ve used most of
them. Simple. And the biggest bonus? You’ll never run out of toilet
paper again.

Seems like it could be smart for your pregnant eco-istas who are peeing 47 times an hour. But more realistically, maybe you consider using them on your babies instead of disposable wipes. We really don’t expect that most of you will stop using toilet paper.

However for those of you brave enough to think outside the box (heh) and try cloth, you’re our eco heros.

Okay. I’m done. –Stephanie

Find Eco Potty Wipes from Cushytoosh,and don’t ask us why the logo is a woman hiding behind pine needles. Maybe she’s peeing in the woods?

How about you? Would you dare?