cool mee seat linerLast summer, my three-year-old’s black car seat was always too hot and she told me so in no uncertain terms (“Hot! Too hot!”).

 Fast forward to next summer and I will be using a Cool Mee seat liner by Meeno Babies.

The Meeno Babies car seat, stroller, or infant seat liner is one of those gear essentials that, one you’ve tried it, you are dying to tell every mom you know about.  Basically the absorbent layers of poly-mesh allow air
to flow between the liner and the seat, while soft fabric wicks away
moisture from your baby. It’s easy to install, and the universal designs fit most strollers and car seats.

This could possibly be the end of Sweaty Baby Back Syndrome as we know it.

For those
of you lucky enough to live in warm climates year-round, well, I’m too
jealous for words, but this is worth checking out now. Or if you’re newly pregnant and slated for a spring delivery, it’s a cool item to add to your list. The packaging couldn’t be any cuter, making it a great shower gift.

Babies Cool Mee liners come in three cute colors and protect your car seat too; comforting
considering how much we pay for our car seats. I’m remembering that
road trip we took last Labor Day and how I had to scrub my car seat when
we got home. Yuck. –Elizabeth

Get the Cool Mee car seat and stroller liners from Meeno Babies