Underwater Cuff bracelet
Don’t actually fall on your wrist– It’s not a command. More like a suggestion of the funky, accessorizing kind.

I bought the Underwater Cuff on Etsy, and I love it so much that I just had to share it with you. Not mine, though. You’d have to pry it from my cold, dead wrist.

The Underwater Cuff from Spectacle a La Maison
(SALM) is made entirely of upcycled leather and vintage findings by an
artsy mom in Amsterdam. The inside is lined with wool felt and is just as
comfy on a 97 degree day as on a 67 degree day, which I know, because I
haven’t taken it off all week.

Some of the cuffs also have cool rivets,
but each one is entirely unique. The cuff I own reminds me of a fall tree at sunset, with the leaves in the process of
changing color, shimmering before my eyes. It goes with pretty much
everything I own, and it’s nearly indestructible, even for a mom with two

The cost of shipping is pretty cheap from Europe at only $4 (and mine actually arrived earlier than something else I ordered from
Texas). Opening the package is like getting a little slice of early
Christmas, too, since it’s full of vintage ephemera, including maps,
tags, cigar wrappers, buttons, and more.

Seriously, mamas– this is one
of my favorite Etsy purchases of all time, the perfect herald of my
favorite season.~Delilah

Find Underwater Cuffs at Spectacle a la Maison on Etsy. If she’s out, you can always do a custom order. She’s super nice!


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