I can’t tell you for sure what longtime CMP favorite Envirosax was thinking with the creation of their new Kid Series reusable bags, but I can tell you what I thought when I saw them: this is going to make demanding help with the groceries even easier!

No more bickering about who takes what bag; I can simply tell my daughter to grab the paper dolls bag and direct my son to the rocket bag shown here. Awesome. And I’m sure these eco-friendly reusable bags can do double duty as overnight bags for sleepovers or sub in for a paper shopping bag when we’re bringing bake sale goodies into school.

All five of the Envirosax Kids Bag designs are the same non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, and 44-pound capacity design as their regular bags. These are just a way to have a bit of kid-themed retro fun while you haul in this week’s menu. -Mir

Check out the new 2010 Kids Series reusable bags at Envirosax.

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