Remember those Dapper Dan the Magnetic Man toys from when we (or , okay, maybe our parents) were kids? It was so much fun to use the magnetic wand to give that smiling bald dude bizarre facial hair, hats, and eye patches. And now our kids can make those faces– and eat them, too, with these most fabulous plates.

The Food Face Plate
from Perpetual Kid is even more fun than the original toy. The 8.5 inch
plate is made from hotel-quality, food-safe, high-fire ceramic, so it’s
pretty durable–at least after that “fling everything and screech” phase is

I can see my four-year-old having a field day turning old Dan
into a pirate with her avocado, prunes, and peanut butter. I’ve learned that she always
seems to eat more healthy stuff when it’s presented in funny shapes or
as part of a game.

At $11.99 a plate it’s a little pricey,
but if it gets peas into a reticent vegetable eater, it’s worth it.

Here at CMP, we pride ourselves on giving your children excellent
reasons to play with their food.~Delilah

Find the Food Face Plate at Perpetual Kid. Shipping is free on orders over $75.


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