brooklyn brownstone pendant
I am a fan of Polli‘s Australian-made, laser-cut jewelry ever since we first discovered them at the Gift Fair a few years back. They never cease to surprise me with their clever new ideas, and I think the new collection of city-inspired jewelry is just super cool.

As in, I totally am getting myself one.

[don’t miss an exclusive offer after the jump!]

This Brooklyn mama would be thrilled to wear the kohl gold Brooklyn brownstone pendant
around her neck, complete with details like air conditioners in the
windows and a bicycle chained out front. (No broken trash bags though.) It’s also available in stainless though gold shows the details better, or as a pair of fabulous, look-at-me earrings that are lightweight enough not to hurt.

If you’re pining for Europe, I also love the Amsterdam necklace
featuring either a line of rowhouses, or a single building. And there
are some new designs that have nothing to do with cities at all, like
the funky Lyrebird or the deco-inspired Empire pendant woven with colorful embroidery floss.

But me? I’m all about Brooklyn. And the nice part is, it rings in just
over $50. About the same as a bagel and a cup of coffee around here. –Liz

Find fantastic jewelry online at Polli where CMP readers can save 20% off all orders with discount code CMP20 through 11/15/10!

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